It takes much knowledge and wisdom to live the Christian life. We are faced each day with choices and decisions to make. Each day we are surrounded by pitfalls and hardships but we cannot afford to give up nor cave in to the devices of Satan. I suppose each and every generation has faced and will continue to face such struggles. This is truth; we each make choices that affect our daily lives and in the end our soul’s final destination.

Throughout history man has searched for answers to settle the restlessness in our souls. Certainly we live in an age in which people are dissatisfied, discontented, and insecure. Inflation, recession, drought, energy shortages, joblessness, and high gas prices are but a few causes of the doom and gloom heard throughout our cities and nation each day.

Thousands of books are written containing advice on how to survive the coming years. The literary market is flooded with books and articles proposing to give the answers to life and promising us the key to success. When all of the wisdom and knowledge of man is revealed, there still lacks comfort and peace within our souls.

For those not caught up in ‘self-help’ publications, there lies insecurity with bombs and battleships and armies of the world. Many people exist day to day, almost in a daze, wandering aimlessly with no hope, no future, just death and taxes.

Few of our families have time for each other. The husband and wife work day and night just to get the kids through school and provide their family the basic necessities of life. They rarely see one another, each passing the other as they go from job to job and place to place. Many raise their hands in despair and cry, ‘What ever happened to all our dreams?’ These countless millions of people continue to search here and there desperately looking for something that will give them inner peace.

Don’t you think it’s about time we took God seriously? Historically man has not taken God at His word, down through the ages we have not learned a single lesson because we have left our bibles closed. It is time we stop listening to man’s opinion and turn to God for the answers we seek. The Truth shall set us free and give us a full life, contentment, peace, and more importantly the assurance of eternal salvation.

Come visit us at the Madison Church of Christ. We will search the Word of God, not man’s opinion, for that peace that passes all understanding; the TRUTH.